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Don’t yell at me if your boss catches you doing these at work!

How good is your Memory?

Yes, I am evil. I have some more “no peek” puzzles. You have to put them together to find out what the pictures are. (careful, you might have to move the pieces around some to get it put together, sometimes the pieces stack on top of each other)

Some of the older “no peek” puzzles are here:

  • Puzzle one
  • Puzzle two
  • Puzzle three
  • Puzzle four
  • Puzzle five.
  • What I did on vacation. Don’t be a hater.
  • Your “awwwww” for the day.
  • Sliding tile puzzles are evil. But we’ve got’em!
  • And, now, there’s a Word Search puzzle to entertain you.
  • Do the Karin Slaughter crossword puzzle.
  • (Jigsaw) Puzzles without previews  (It’s a mystery)
  • Here’s the UK book cover for the Fractured paperback. [Puzzle]
  • International book covers. This one might make you dizzy. [Puzzle]
  • Me on vacation. [Puzzle]
  • From a party in the UK in March 2008 Sarah Waters, Mo Hayder, Mark Billingham and me. [Puzzle]
  • A Dutch poster (warning! this puzzle is hard!) [Puzzle]
  • From my Australian book tour. [Puzzle] [Cheat]
  • The US cover of Faithless [Puzzle
  • Did you enter the pet photo contest? We had fun, but it’s closed now. [Puzzle] [Cheat]
  • Meanwhile, here’s the Like A Charm puzzle series of 3 puzzles that get increasingly more difficult (contest closed).
  • The [Cheat] link will take you to a page where we found the photo used in the puzzle. But try it without looking first!

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