Contests & Giveaways

This section is no longer being updated — check out the newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, or the front page of this website for contest details.

Check out the COP TOWN Contest (deadline June 3, 2014)

It’s grooooovy!!

Could you become a Criminal?

In 50 words or less, answer the question: If you were a CRIMINAL, what sort of CRIMINAL would you be? Send your submission to by June 26 (or, for non-US folks, that’s 26 June). Winners will be announced 28 June 28th. Read More >

Contest going on right now!! Deadline is June 10, 2011!

See for more info!

Past Contests

I have given away 4 copies of First Thrills and some SaveTheLibraries and Karin Slaughter T-shirts recently on my Facebook page. Facebook has changed its rules so that people can no longer give away prizes on Facebook, now this is the place to watch for upcoming contests and giveaways!

I’ve had some wacky contests (all of which are now closed):

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